About Us

High-Quality Products

  • EZee service gives your Car a long lasting shine.
  • Re-Style your Car with - Car care, Car detailing, Exterior and Interior Treatment.
  • Award winning International Products.
  • No Petroleum solvents and No listed Hazardous Ingredients.
  • 0% chemical with Glossy shine look.

About Us

  • A High performance Eco-responsible range of water-less car wash and car detailing.
  • Used only Micro Fiber clothes.
  • Door sides, panels, Dash board cleaning and Tires are treated with Tire and Dash board shine.
  • Vacuum Cleaning is done for Interiors and for Boot Space

Environment Thoughts: Save Water

By  reducing the amount of water we use and waste, we can better help  against future drought years. Even though our need for fresh water  sources is always increasing (because of population and industry  growth), the supply we have stays constant.

This  is due to the fact that even though water eventually returns to Earth  through the water cycle, it's not always returned to the same spot, or  in the same quantity and quality.